Dance Paradise - XBOX 360


Plataforma: XBOX 360/ Kinect
Titulo: Dance Paradise
Formato: ISO
Console Region: PAL
Tamanho: 7.29GB
Wave 09
Idioma: Inglês
Lançamento: 19 de Novembro de 2010
Avaliação: 6.4
Gênero: Ritimo/Dança
Distribuidor: Mindscape Inc.

The idea is simple: everyone can bust a move on Dance Paradise thanks to a playlist and dance sequences which have been designed for all tastes and all levels. Thanks to its partnership with Universal and its subsidiary labels, Mindscape has created an ultra-complete dance game which will appeal to children, parents, fans of classic hits and even the most die-hard of clubbers. In heavenly, colourful settings (beaches, discos, casinos, etc.), dance floor kings and queens to be can challenge


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